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Welder Man

Nation wide service for Hot Taps and Line Stops

Tap Master Inc., began Wet Tapping and Line Stopping services in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1993. We saw a need for a skilled and reliable 24-hour service in a town that works all day and night. Our staff is trained in all areas of Wet Tapping, Line Stopping and Pipe Freezing procedures. We take pride in a continuous safe and reliable service record.Our services will allow you to make repairs or modify your pressurized system while allowing uninterrupted service. With over 50 years of accumulated experience, our qualified staff will assist you by recommending safe and effective solutions that suit your needs.Year after year American Piping Services has grown

                              Pipeline Repair
    City of Henderson, NV on Water St. The road flooded and torn up from the broken water main in the middle of the street.

    After a few hours of pumping the water down and waiting for the volume of water in the pipe to go down, we could finally see the actual problem.

    Another view of the leaks, the pipe under his left foot is an old water line abandoned and not now in use.  The other leak is just under that pipe in that 3" nozzle with flange.  These pipes were not coated with tar or cement and corroded until it leaked.

    We cut these pipes off and out of the way so we could pump out the water from the pipeline.

    This is the completed weld patch done in only 3 hours from the time the water was pumped down.  We make it look easy.